Wednesday, July 22, 2009

things i want {anthro}

I know.

I want too many things.

But like I've said before: it's all about the purging process.

And to mix it up a little, all the items on this week's wish list are from the Anthropologie sales section.

Because really, who can afford to pay full-price at that place? Certainly not me. Probably not you either.

So here are some fun sale items that won't break your bank (too much).

hieroglyph skirt {$39.95... no longer in my size}

isfahan bag {$39.95}

Whew! And at the end of my little purging process, the only item I'm really tempted to actually purchase are the double buckled sandals. I can feel them on my feet now...


Lindsey said...

Anthropologie is amazing. I would make a wish list from there, but it would end up containing everything from the store.

Anonymous said...

I thought the hieroglyph skirt was the cutest lamp I had ever seen. Am I old or what????