Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh, felicity.

As we’re going to bed each night and getting ready each morning, the husband and I enjoy some TV on DVD. We’ve watched every season of The Office at least three times, covered two seasons of the Mary Tyler Moore show, and watched the top five episodes of the first five seasons of Friends. I also attempted to share with Jordan my love for the Gilmore Girls, but alas, it was a product he wasn’t buying. I think he suffered through two seasons before I finally gave up. (I believe his words were: "They talk too fast.")

So when a friend of mine offered up season 1 of Felicity, I didn’t have great expectations. I figured it would be a show I’d watch alone while ironing or folding clothes. And it was. For about two episodes.

Don’t ask me what makes Felicity a less-emasculating choice than Gilmore Girls, but the husband seems to think it is. Or so I assume when he asks me what Felicity’s been up to, or if she’s chosen between Ben and “that other guy” yet.

Of course, I realize that mostly, Jordan’s just watching each episode because I’m watching. Self-sacrifice—whether it’s TV shows or something bigger—is just what married people do for each other.

But I also think he may actually be enjoying himself.

Each night we laugh over the 90s hair and the “social issues” episodes. We predict who’s going to get with whom. And we laugh over poor Felicity’s canny ability to mind everyone’s business but her own.

So this morning, when I had to leave for work in the middle of a crucial scene in the season finale, I knew Jordan felt my pain.

He’s already asking if season 2 is available.


Uncle Ray said...

I know why Felicity is more pop with a guy then Gilmore Girls. It is simply that men are not treated as stereotypical idiots. On the other hand Felicity is attractive and real. Every guy thinks, "I could be with her." What guy thinks, {"I hope I can hang out with Laura lee ... Lara Lye... or whatever the girls names are."

Robyn said...

That's so fun! Vernon thinks "they talk too fast" in the Gilmore Girls too. He says it's some of the best dialogue he's ever heard, even dubbing it brilliant, but he just can't handle how fast they talk. Boys!

Anonymous said...

My best friend and I bonded over Felicity in middle/high school. I am glad that you both are enjoying it. There are quite a few funny scenes and cringe worthy scenes as Felicity completely takes nosiness and possessiveness to a new level:)

Jordan Jones said...

Haha...well, after having the life sucked out of me for the second time this week (exams), I turned to my favorite blog for resuscitation. And this one made me laugh out loud.

P.S. I had to go into Microsoft Word to get the correct spelling of "resuscitate." And do you know what one of the synonyms is? "Give the kiss of life to." Unrelated to the blog--but funny.

Cory said...

oh my goodness. i knew we were friends, but this takes it to a whole new level of kinship. felicity is my other fictional best friend (besides rory). i have all four seasons. and i watch them one after another, on a continual rotation.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I like Gilmore Girls. Their comments are very intellectual (and often obscure) and Lorelai makes me laugh! I don't know what that means though.