Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how lovely was my weekend?

Quite lovely, as a matter of fact. I find it absolutely amazing what an extra day off will do. Just some of the many reasons I’m a proponent of the four-day workweek:

- A trip to Thomasville, Ga.
- A tied game of Scrabble
- Some serious bookstore love
- A family cookout
- A heartbreaking marathon
- Visiting with my maid of honor
- An online discovery that is going to turn our finances around
- The opportunity to serve others and see how rich I am
- Finding the perfect bed for our new place
- Some much-needed time with the husband
- Dreaming about what the future might hold (D.C., perhaps?)

Of course, I’m also discovering that a three-day workweek would be even better. Is it just me, or is life getting busier by the minute? Jordan and I move into a new home in five weeks, and we need all the days off we can get.

Speaking of which: anybody looking for a cute rental in Tallahassee?


Anonymous said...

D. of C.? Are you looking at a political career?

katie said...

let me know how mint.com goes! I really want to do it, but my husband is weary about it.

Jeannie said...

oh yes.

i love the 'texture' of reading. the virtues of kindle? no. fine. i can see it it certain applications. but reading would never be the same for me as holding a book and smelling its pages (i'm a page sniffer). i love feeling the paper the words are printed on (so many types of paper!), i enjoy reading about the font the publisher used! currently, in the edition of The Poisonwood Bible I am reading. the paper used has alternating sections of straight-edged then 'ziggy' edged paper. what's that about? regardless, i love it. the book itself is awesome but it's the the texture of it all that completes the experience for me. no, i'll haul my books with me thank you very much.