Thursday, May 14, 2009

the bedroom.

I’m skipping around, but here’s the plan for our new master bedroom (again with the crossed fingers and whispered prayers).

Paint in this lovely color:

Quincy Tan by Benjamin Moore

Our current bedspread will remain:

Don’t worry; we used brown as our accent color instead of Martha's recommended pink. I wasn't going to succumb me or Jordan to that kind of torture. I was starting to wonder about the matchy-matchy-ness of it all, but I think if I pair it with a modern headboard, I’ll get over my fear. I’m looking at these two:

Both from West Elm.

I like them both, and I figure pretty much any headboard will eliminate the cricks in our necks we get from trying to sit up in bed without one.

The artwork we already have in our bedroom will remain; lots of Italy prints… I really miss that place.

More inspiration to come!


Jordan Jones said...

Thanks for not going with the pink. MAPOM!!!

Jessica said...

I really like your bedspread.