Wednesday, April 29, 2009

happiness is...

{Pretty party via Jordan at Oh Happy Day!}

happiness is...

a week at the beach
family dinners
saving almost enough for a Macbook
Gold Medal ribbon ice cream
creative inspiration
walks with the husband
drives with the husband
kickball with my cousins
a new pair of shoes (on sale)
trips to Target
blog comments
school supplies
lunches out
rolled-down windows
emails from friends

happiness is my life.

*post inspired by Naomi and her list of happy things


Jessica said...

TV on DVD is the B-O-M-B!

bear said...

i am with you on the gold medal ribbion,kickball with cousins,week at the beach and family dinners.

Anonymous said...

Happiness is having lunch with my daughter (for free) and driving around this beautiful town called home :)