Sunday, March 15, 2009

mac lust.

I'm baa-ack.

I've been out of town on business for what feels like weeks, followed by a bout of some kind of crud that still has me coughing every 50 seconds.

But, oh, the spring weather that has fallen on Tallahassee. It's beautiful, and I'm finally back in town to (kind of) enjoy it. (Let's face it: I'd enjoy it more if I could breathe.)

On to the topic at hand...

I want a Mac. Like, bad. My poor five-year-old Dell has served me so well, but as an aspiring writer and creative thinker, I think a Mac suits me better. Plus, after traipsing around airports with my 15 pound laptop, I felt a little silly. There's something so much better-- and lighter-- out

And, quite frankly, five years is a lot for a computer. And I'm afraid my dear Dell (now doing double-time as Jordan's school computer) has almost had it. As I sit here and type, my jeans are almost on fire. The laptop's battery is hot-hot-hot. After working for 20 minutes, it will reach intense temperatures, almost prompting me to call the fire department.

Did I mention the charger continues to fail thanks to our cute/quaint/old apartment's wiring?

Or that the battery won't hold a charge when the charger does decide to work?

To make matters worse, I cheated on my reliable, faithful Dell this week. I went to an Apple store. You know, just to try something new. And despite the intimidating Genius Bar and weird matching blue shirts, I fell in love.

I now dream of a beautiful, lightweight, truly portable MacBook that showcases my creative side (and allows my husband to use the Dell for his oh-so-boring law work).

Unfortunately, the MacBook is nearly $1000. Exactly $1000 we don't have.

So tell me: would the transition be worth it? (Thought-provoking insight found here.) And, would you be interested in donating to a laptop fund for little old me? Or is that asking too much?


Cory said...

1. I've missed you and your posts
2. I too have an about-to-croak Dell with the same not-so-endearing quirks
3. I too drool at the thought of owning a smooth and swanky Mac. Here's hoping!

jenna said...

My thoughts: Macbook. Worth it. I love mine. Perhaps you can save up for it?