Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a little bit of bracketology.

Okay, so maybe I’ve spent the first hour or so at work rushing to complete my bracket. Maybe in an office full of football (and Gator!) fans, I’m trying to sneakily secure FSU’s rightful place in this year’s Sweet Sixteen—you know, since the powers that be are going to take away Bobby’s wins anyway. Might as well turn our attention to the court, right?

For those of you a little lost, March Madness has begun. We’ve reached the time of year that has men and women across the U.S. glued to the television at all hours of the day to determine who will get to cut down the nets at college basketball season’s end. The best men’s teams in the country will spend the next four weeks fighting their way through a little thing we call the bracket. (See below.)

I’ve filled out a bracket for several years—it comes with having a brother and a dad who are big fans of the sport. And, every year since Jordan and I met, we've been competing (individually, of course) against a couple of our good friends. This year we’re both also signed up on Facebook (I haven’t broken my fast, don’t you worry) to compete with others in our church young professionals’ group.

The real competition, though, is at home.
Since 2005, Jordan and I have had a [mostly] friendly competition with each other. Whoever loses in March Madness—that is, whoever has the lamest bracket—is required to eat only fruit and vegetables for two days straight.

I’ve lost every year.

I blame March Madness for my lack of weight gain.

And I’m determined that this year will be different.

This year, I didn’t pick a ton of underdogs.

Georgetown (my personal favorite team, aside from FSU) didn’t make it in this year, so I couldn’t unrealistically place them in my Elite Eight.

I didn’t even read too many online opinions.

I just went with my gut.

So, Pitt, I’m counting on you.

Make me proud.

Make me win.

Make me eat meat.


Jordan Jones said...

Ok, I didn't mean to get distracted from the law work I should be doing--but let me just say that "I blame March Madness for my lack of weight gain" made me laugh out loud. And I do wonder whether marriage will have an adverse affect on my bracket. And I think you have a good bracket. So we'll see...

P.S. I don't have a blog. So if any third party wants to see what my bracket looks like, just wait until April 7. Then, go to and view the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament results for 2009. That's my bracket.

chet said...

Is that the bracket you filled out? WKU over Illinois? Bold move. I wish they would but I'm not impressed with much of the 12 seeds this year. I picked Arizona though. They always do well in the dance. UNC's Ty Lawson was just reported to not be as healthy as planned. That could mess me up.

I have Duke over Pitt in an Elite Eight match-up. But I have hopes that FSU beats them in the Sweet Sixteen. DARE TO DREAM.