Friday, February 20, 2009

you give me fever.

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Dear spring,

My eyes are red and watery from working in front of a computer all day, so every once in a while I glance out my window to check out the periwinkle sky and the leaves blowing in the wind. And it hits me:

You’re on your way.

I can feel you coming, and the anticipation is killing me.

Your expected arrival has me feeling antsy, anxious to get up and get moving. I’m ready to buy a plane ticket, don shorts and flip flops, and head out the door. I’m longing for a little rejuvenation, a little adventure.

Unfortunately, you’re somewhat of a tease. This weekend it’s supposed to reach lows in the 20s again (not exactly the bike-riding weather I was dreaming of), and although I am catching a flight out of town next week, it’s for work. Again, not exactly what I had in mind.

But still, I feel like you’re pretty close. And I’m getting excited about the possibilities you hold. Time well spent with a dear friend. Time with the Father. Time with the husband. Lots of good things are headed my way, and I feel like you’re bringing them with you.

So I hate to be impatient, or wish away the present, but could you please hurry?

I’m ready.

Very truly yours,


P.S.—Would you bring this with you? It’s only $600, and I just can’t afford that right now. Or ever. So if you could just bring it with you as a part of your entire seasonal package, that would be so helpful! Thanks!

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jenna said...

Yay for the promise of spring and a visit from Annie!! And yes, while you are at it, get spring to bring me a bike too... can mine be green?