Monday, February 2, 2009

happy birthday!

the lengths Jordan will go to make me happy.

my birthday was full of lots of lovely things:

breakfast in bed
pretty birthday cards
Facebook posts
indoor picnic
hummus from red elephant
a good book
gold medal ribbon

Oh. And this new blog design. Thanks, husband! I'm still tweaking a few things, but I think I'm going to like it...


jenna said...

OOoooo!! I love the new blog design!!!!!


Annie said...

Thanks, Jenna! :)

Jordan Jones said...

Well thank you as well! Happy Birthday Annie Sue! Hope it was all you dreamed of PLUS.

Little Fuzzin said...

Happy birthday! I'm looking foward to some red velvet cupcakes tonight!

Anonymous said...

I looove your new look! How chic and NYC. But most of all I love the writer