Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's a jolly holiday.

Photo courtesty of Flickr.

Somebody is trying to rain on my birthday parade. Well, guess what? It’s not going to work. No amount of broken jump drives, work indecision, face breakouts, gloomy weather, or car malfunctions can change the fact that in four days, I turn 23. And it is a big deal.

So I'm determined to ignore the frustrations milling around me, and instead am thinking about my own little birthday holiday. Here's what I mean:

I love Audrey Hepburn. (Who doesn’t, really?) I love her quiet grace in Funny Face, her silly accent in My Fair Lady, and her charming insecurities in Sabrina.

My favorite Audrey movie, though, has to be Roman Holiday. In the film (please tell me you’ve seen it!), Audrey plays a princess on an illicit day-off in Rome, spending her afternoon riding mopeds, eating gelato, and hanging out with Gregory Peck.

Honestly, what’s not to love?

Audrey’s day-long vacation leaves me wishing for my own, and what better time to plan a little holiday than on the anniversary of your birth?

In reality, I’ll probably be working Monday, but a girl can dream. And so I leave you with a list of things I would do with my own little Tallahassee holiday.

breakfast in bed
some quiet time
lounging at home, on our comfy couch
a little bit of crafting
lunch with a friend at hopkins (or myra jean's)
a little bit of cupcake love
midafternoon movie with mi madre
barnes and noble browsing (and buying!)
gold medal ribbon ice cream at baskin robbins
walk around lake ella
dinner with jordan at red elephant (with hummus, please)

I'm concerned that my Tallahassee holiday consists mostly of good food. I guess I'm just that easy to please.

Now, dear reader, I want to know: what would you do on a mini-vacation that was all about you?


katie said...

congrats on 23 annie! you're taking it way better than I did (I have a problem with aging - aka - crying on my 20th birthday). Anyways, I would make everyone treat me like a princess... which I think I do anyways. Hope all is well with you!

lisa sherlock said...

Hey Birthday Girl,
Glad you don't let getting older get you down. It's all what you make it and your idea of the perfect day sounds perfect for any time. Let me know when you want a scoop of GMR and a walk around the lake. I'm there! My treat!
Happy Day
Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

happy belated! from your post above, it sounds like you had a wonderful one.

roman holiday really IS one of the best movies ever---I'm a sucker for a good 'makeover movie' where the heroine gets a haircut and is magically transformed, and I feel like this is the one that started that whole genre. plus audrey was perfection on earth!

a day that's just for me? hmmm...a trip to the spa for a facial and a massage, followed by a noon brunch (pancakes please!) and an afternoon of browsing all my favourite clothing and interiors boutiques. ideally my mom would be with me---she and I have the same window shopping style and could do it for hours, no purchases necessary. it's all about admiring what's out there and imagining what you could do with it!

Annie said...

I love how your day sounds! My mom and I have the same taste too, and we love browing shops together (even if we can't afford a thing!). I love my husband, but let's face it, there's no better shopping buddy than Mom! :)