Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playground Jesus

I’m becoming braver. I’m making friends, stepping out, looking for ways to serve. I’m blooming where God has planted me.

Last night, a small group of girls from my Bible study group went to babysit some kids at a center in town; their moms were taking an hour-long life-skills class. These children ranged in age from ten months to 12 years, and they all wanted the same thing: someone to just pay them a little bit of attention.

When the four of us arrived, a few students from FSU were already helping and playing with the children, leaving us feeling a little bit useless. Then the kids saw us. Soon most of us were playing “red light, green light” (their favorite), racing down the slides, or chasing after the lone 18-month-old who could not stay put.

As we wrangled the kids together toward the end of the night, we discussed that it might be better if we could find a place to help that actually needed us; the FSU students seemed to have this Tuesday night activity covered. And yet… The look in those kids’ eyes when we showed up proved what I think was true: we were needed, wanted. It sounds so cliché, but all these children wanted was a little bit of love, and we were able to provide them with that, despite other volunteers already being there.

You know those moments when you can feel God using you, making you into the person you’re meant to be? Last night I had one of those moments. They come to me sometimes. I’ve had those moments working on class newsletters, mentoring the middle school girls, giving devotionals, journaling, talking with someone about my Father's words. And I have those moments when I’m serving others, when I finally use my gifts for people who need them. Thank you, Lord, for those moments. Those moments when I feel Jesus shining through in me.

Last night, with playground sand in my jeans and dirty children in my arms, I finally felt like Jesus. May I be in constant pursuit of moments like these.

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I printed this one out and it is hanging on my bulletin board in my office! :)