Tuesday, October 21, 2008

.:a list:.

- Groom’s cake
- Design ad for Timberlane church
- Organize tour of community center
- Purchase 2009 planner (because next year’s life has already begun itself)
- Finish grad school application
- Plan Jewels lessons (one down, two to go)
- Read for Thursday Bible study
- Prepare for Wednesday night class
- Find outfit for rehearsal dinner
- Design logo for Timberlane’s women’s retreat
- Develop a budget (complete ASAP)
- Contact Dr. Parker about vows
- Revamp Timberlane website

This is an excerpt from my current to-do list. Does it look a little, I don’t know, lengthy to you? Yes. The answer is yes. Somehow my life just got filled up. This happens pretty frequently, but this time the change seems kind of sudden. I relish it and detest it all at once. I love being busy, but part of me wants nothing more than to curl up in a ball and read for an entire day. Not happening, so I will press on. And I will also strictly follow this "do not do" list in order to get me through this semi-chaotic period of life:

- Do not buy one more thing before the end of the month (besides the pumpkin... cash only)
- Do not stay up watching Gilmore Girls or Lost DVDs when sleep is so valuable
- Do not fall behind on Chinese medicine routine (for health's sake)
- Do not ignore the alarm clock just because the covers are warm
- Do not let the busy-ness distract me from the beauty

Ah, that last one. That's the one that needs to stick. Somehow, I think it will.

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