Monday, October 6, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

This fall weather does wonders for the attitude. Here’s why I’m feeling happy today:

- There is such thing as amazing grace.
- The wedding bands have been purchased, and they suit us perfectly.
- Invitations are being addressed this week, and I can’t wait for people to get them!
- I’m just 20 pages from finishing “Redeeming Love.”
- The bridesmaids’ gifts are in hand.
- A road trip with my fiancé is on the near horizon (Friday, in fact).
- The sun is shining and the sky is clear for the tenth day in a row.
- I love my friends, the old and the new.
- This Chinese medicine stuff appears to be working.
- My Sunday was pure joy.
- God loves me more than I can ever comprehend.

1 comment:

Jenna said...

That picture is amazing. I am putting it as my computer background as we speak (or I guess, after I type) :)

This weather really does do amazing things to the spirit in me. It's almost like my spirit and the Holy Spirit are dancing. haha