Monday, September 29, 2008

{not me} monday.

I {did not} get butterflies in my stomach when Jim Halpert proposed to Pam last Thursday, nor did I blurt out such wonderful news on my Facebook status, ruining the surprise for friends who did not clear their Thursday night calendar for the premiere.

I {did not} get my mother lost in Birmingham and take her all the way out to Irondale on Saturday. You will be pleased to know, though, that I did remember my old “stomping grounds” and all the pleasant memories that go with them.

In the midst of this financial crisis, I most certainly {did not} buy a dress from Anthropologie to wear on Sunday. I did, however, make sure it was from the clearance rack.

I {did not} get irritated with Jordan for contracting bronchitis, leaving me to keep both sets of parents happy and feeling loved.

I {did not} look at my list of gifts from my latest bridal shower and think about the 68 more thank you notes I now have to write.

I {did not} eat only fast food this weekend directly against doctor’s orders. I certainly {did not} forget to bring my new medicine out of town this weekend, and I also {do not} intend to lie to my doctor about it tomorrow.

I {did not} make my father drive by my friend’s house in Montgomery just so I could see if it was still as cute as I remembered it.

I {did not} wake up this morning thinking, “Is it Friday yet?”

I {did not} feel disappointed today when I didn’t have any new emails and none of my friends had posted new blogs.

I {did not} sit at my desk contemplating how much reading for a living might pay.

I {did not} spend the better part of the afternoon coming up with things I did not do over the past few days. :)

1 comment:

Jenna said...

You make me smile!
You also {did not} happen to send me an email today!

But I guess we're even cause I {did not} post a blog yet. eek