Friday, August 22, 2008

God and Rainy Days

It’s raining today. A blustery kind of day, much like the one these fashionable ladies endured. Unfortunately I have no rhythm or Gene Kelly, and I have to be at work. Not exactly classic movie material. I really don’t mind it too much, except I was looking forward to moving some more stuff into the apartment tomorrow. Oh well. It’s obvious that tropical storm Fay has other plans, so my own will have to be put on hold (seems like that’s happening a lot lately).

Maybe, though, this rainy weekend will give me the rest I’ve lacked the past couple of weeks. The thought of snuggling into my pj’s and enjoying my favorite movies sounds pretty wonderful. Plus the rain and I have always had a pretty nice relationship. I love the sound it makes, the way it puts me to sleep and makes me feel at peace. God has a nice way of speaking to me in the rain. Which reminds me…

This week I came across the blog of a friend of a friend, which then led me to a blog made entirely of a mother’s letters to her unborn little girl. I thought it was such a sweet concept, and then as I began reading, I realized that this little girl is suffering from a severe birth defect. The faith of her two parents was evident in the blogs I read, and I sat at my desk in awe of their amazing trust in God. I thought about the times in the past two weeks I’ve complained or asked God what He was thinking. I’ve really questioned Him lately; I’ve been confused by His plan for me, the plan that I can’t see. Yet my own questions are so small in comparison to what these parents must want answered.

These parents are facing these huge obstacles, but their faith is growing stronger; you can read it and almost see it forming. They're quietly confident in their Lord, in the fact that He might take their little girl—His little girl—to be home with Him. That kind of faith... It leaves me almost speechless. I want that kind of faith. The kind of faith that strengthens even in the midst of rain.

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